This is a page with the list of the rules of this wiki.


  • Do not input false/fake information on articles.
  • Do not delete informations from a page,unless you have a proof that the info was fake/false
  • The first letter of the name of the character must be caps.
    • Correct:Endou Mamoru
    • Wrong:endou mamoru
  • When creating pages,use the templates.


  • The photos must have good quality.
  • When adding a photo to the wiki,give it an appropiate name.
    • Example:A photo of Tenma using Mach Wind must be named "Tenma using Mach Wind" and not  "Photo13243".
  • When adding a photot to galleries,write a short description of the photo.
    • Example:A angry Someoka photo must have a descripiton something like "Angry Someoka".


  • Talk english!

User Page:

  • Limit the images on your User Page to a maximum of 5-8 photos.


  • Don't be rude!If someone is,that person will be kicked by an admin.If the user returns,and continues being rude,he will be banned from the chat.
  • Don't use CAPS LOCK in excess.
  • Do not give links to other sites,unless a admin or mod gaved you the permission to.


  • If a user breaks a rule,he will be warned.If the users continues breaking rules even after an admin warned him,he will be banned.
  • If a user gets banned,and he returns on another account,continuing breaking the rules,he will be IP banned.


  • Do not create many accounts!
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