JP name シュウ
JP nickname
Dub name Tezcat
Dub nickname
Gender Male
Position Fw
Number 11
Element Wood
Team Ancient Dark
Seiyuu Miyuki Sawashiro
Game Inazuma Eleven GO (Dark)

Inazuma ELeven GO Chrono Stone

Anime Inazuma Eleven GO the Movie:The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon


 Shuu is the Captain of  Ancient Dark and a player for Zero who appears in the GO Movie,The Ultimate Bonds Gryphon.Then makes a debut in Episode 008 (Chrono Stone)


Shuu has a Navyish Violet colored hair followed by two strips of red at the top and white at the bottom,his eyes are almost the exact same color as his hair but more darker.He has an average height and he has a light tanned skin tone.When he wears the Ancient Dark uniform he has a light blue color Captain band and wears the Zero uniform during the GO Movie,he also is usually wearing casual clothes.


He is very kind to Tenma and the other members of Raimon (GO),also very calm and relaxed.He also can be very helpful since he helped Raimon get their Keshin Armed.However,during the match between Raimon and Zero he had turned into a cold and harsh person who really doesn't care about soccer.But at the end he had turned back to his normal self along with Hakuryuu.Before they left he waved to them and started to fade away meaning he is a spirit or just the power of his Keshin.


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