Raimon Natsumi
Raimon Natsumi
Raimon Natsumi
JP name 雷門 夏未 (Maiden)

円堂 夏未

JP nickname
Dub name Nelly Raimon

Nelly Evans (GO)

Dub nickname
Gender Female
Position None
Number None
Element Fire
Team Raimon
Little Gigant(Manager)
Inazuma Japan
Seiyuu Unknown
Game Unknown
Anime Unknown

Raimon Natsumi was the third manager for Raimon. She's also the daughter of Raimon Souichirou who is the chairman of Raimon Junior High. In the third season, she became a manager for Little Gigant but after the match against Team Garshield she returned to Inazuma Japan.

In GO, she appeared as Endou Natsumi as Endou's wife.


She has brown eyes and long wavy brown hair which are parted in between the towards the back.Her school uniform is a little different than Aki and Haruna's uniform since she is the student body president.She wears cream colored shirt but with a maroon ribbon at the middle and a maroon pleated skirt.


She is shown to be a caring person although her attitude changes by the time to time circumtances.She is a rough and haughty person on the one hand while a caring and dedicated person on the other.

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