Kuerimatsu Teppei
JP name Kurimatsu Teppei
JP nickname Kurimatsu
Dub name Tod Ironside
Dub nickname Tod
Gender Male
Position Df
Number 5
Element Fire1
Team Raimon, Inazuma Japan, Dark Emperors
Game Inazuma Eleven (Game)
Anime Episode 001
Kurimatsu head Kurimatsu Teppei (栗松鉄平) is a defender for Raimon and later for Inazuma Japan. He was a defender for Dark Emperors in season 2.

Profile Edit

Tod raimon uniform

  • "The team's mood-maker's great courage makes up for his small size."

Tod raimon uniform

  • "He may be small, but he's got more spirit than players twice his size."

Dark Emperors form :

Dark Emperors Sprite 5

  • "The Aliea crystal drained him of all his chirpy cheerfulness."

Tod Japan Uniform

  • "No one can beat this determined little tyke when it comes to guts !"

Apparence Edit

He is very small and have spiked orange hairs with "bunny" teeth and have a little bandage above his nose.

Personnality Edit

Even if he is small, Kurimatsu is a courageous person and never give up. He is also helpful and nice with his friends.

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