Kazemaru Ichirouta
Kazemaru Ichirouta

Kazemaru Ichirouta


JP name 風丸 一郎太
JP nickname
Dub name Nathan Swift
Dub nickname
Gender Male
Position Df


Fw (Dark Emperors form)

Number 2

10 (Dark Emperors)

Element Wind
Team Raimon

Dark Emperors

Inazuma Japan

Seiyuu Unknown
Game Inazuma Eleven (Game)
Anime Episode 001
Kazemaru head Kazemaru Ichirouta (風丸 一郎太) is one of the main supporting characters in the series. He was a defender for Raimon until he left in the second season which resulted in him joining Dark Emperors, the strongest team in Aliea Gakuen which he became captain for. Later in season 3, he became temporary captain for Inazuma Japan.

Profile Edit

Bubble sprite nathan

  • "A nimble defender. He has been friends with Endou for a long time."

Bubble sprite nathan

  • "This fleet-footed defender is a long-standing friend of Endou."

Dark Emperors Form :

Kazemaru Dark Emperors Sprite

  • "The power of Aliea crystal has gave him superhuman speed."

Bubble sprite nathan 2

  • "He races past at gale-force speed ! A good friend of Mark's."

Kazemaru Small Icon Wii

  • "He races past at gale-force speed ! A good friend of Mark's."

Apparence Edit

Kazemaru has aquamarine hair tied into a ponytail and has bangs that cover his left eye and has hazel brown eyes.

Personnality Edit

He is a very nice person and a good friend of Endou Mamoru.

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