Gouenji Shuuya
Gouenji Shuuya



JP name Gouenji Shuuya
JP nickname Gouenji
Dub name Axel Blaze
Dub nickname Axel
Gender Male
Position Fw
Number 10
Element Fire1
Team Raimon, Inazuma Japan, Legend Inazuma Japan
Game Inazuma Eleven (Game)
Anime Episode 001

Episode 001 (GO)

Axel head Gouenji Shuuya (豪炎寺修也, Gouenji Shuuya) is a forward for Raimon, Inazuma Japan and Legend Inazuma Japan. All of his hissatsu's are fire element. Years ago, his sister, Yuuka, was hit by a car when she went to watch Gouenji's match. She went into a coma and since then, Gouenji didn't play soccer. This continued until Episode 001, when Endou made him play. Gouenji then had a problem with his father on Season 3, when his father wanted him to become a doctor but in the end he succeeded in convincing him to let him play soccer.

Profile Edit

Bubble sprite axel

  • "A cool transfer student renowned as a legendary striker."

Bubble sprite axel

  • "Beneath this ace striker's cool exterior burns a fiery football passion."

Gouenji IJ uniform

  • "A genius striker with colossal firepower. Hides burning passion behind a cool facade."

Gouenji Small Icon Wii

  • ""

Apparence Edit

He has white hair which resembles to flames as in his element 'fire', zigzag eyebrows, and black sharp eyes. He also has a fair skin tone.

Personnality Edit

He is serious but quite nice and helpful for his friends.

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